Karrie Garcia
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I help people embrace their story to walk in freedom.


Karrie Garcia Speaker + Author + Founder of Freedom Movement

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Advocating for misfits. Guiding the hurt to healing, hope and freedom.

I spent most of my young life keeping secrets, building lies. The truth of my pain and internal suffering was too much for me to handle, so I just stuffed it deep within me. But, God loved me enough to meet me in those painful moments, freed me from my victim mentality and allowed me to walk in victory. It’s now my commitment to meet women in their trenches and to help guide them from hurt to healing, and to the freedom God has for them.


Karrie is a speaker, author and advocate for misfits.

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My mission is to bring hope and healing to women.

For some, freedom means walking away from painful memories or major traumatic events, such as divorce, rape, or abandonment. For others, freedom simply looks like moving past the fears and hurts that are keeping them stuck. Regardless of the experience or behavior, it’s time to release it and walk in the freedom you desire and in the abundance of God's designed purpose for your life.